World Migraine Solidarity Day: Shades For Migraine 



Me and my sunglasses  taking part in Shades for Migraine


World Migraine Solidarity Day
June 21st

For some of us, June 21 is the longest day of the year.  We thought it would be an appropriate day to show solidarity with those who have to live with this invisible, unpredictable and stigmatized disease.

Migraine disease is more common than Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis combined.  Shocking, huh?! You may also be surprised that despite that fact it only gets a small fraction of the available neuroscience research funding and there is a very small number of neuroscience researchers who decide to take on migraine as a project.  Migraine disease is not getting the attention it deserves; all the while, millions of people are suffering year after year behind closed doors. 

So….on Wednesday, June 21, let the world know about it!  Let the millions of sufferers know that you care… that you know they aren’t faking an illness… that you know much more needs to be done to find a cure and give them relief… that you want to help give migraine disease the prominence it deserves.

Wear some sunglasses all day long.  They just need to be visible…hanging around your neck, hanging from your shirt or propped on your head are options if you can’t wear them on your face the entire day. Wear them indoors and in places where people usually don’t wear sunglasses.  Be silly. Wear goofy ones if you dare. Let them make a statement…  Start a conversation…

Post a photo of yourself (and friends/co-workers) wearing your Shades for Migraine on social media using the hashtag #ShadesForMigraine.  

We are trying for a “viral” awareness campaign!

Share this campaign with your friends and family…let’s make migraine a big deal!


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