Migremlins, Anxiety, Depression…oh, My, July!

This has been a really rough month so far. The migremlins are thorough beasts of late, depression has been a sticky tar pit, and anxiety…anxiety has been the worst. 

EVERYTHING is a battle…even setting up a psych appointment, which I know I need to do. I’m out of anxiety meds, and you would think that would spur me on, right?

Well, actually, I’m embarrassed I let it go so long…the avoiding the phone call to set up an appointment thing. It’s become a demon, that phone call.  So what did I do? Kept putting it off…and off…feeling more stupid over it…putting it off some more…

How can a simple phone call be so scary? I used to make phone calls for a living! How can I literally start getting frightened by the thought of a phone call? But it seems I can, and that I can perpetuate it and blow it out of proportion even more. I know it’s ridiculous. 

So why haven’t I done it? 

Deep breath. Tomorrow. I’ll feel better tomorrow…I can do it then.

And that’s why. Because tomorrow never comes. So I’m not going to say tomorrow. I’m going to say that I’ve set a reminder, and I will do it then, because I need to. I know I need to, and I’m not going to keep defeating myself. 

Because I’m a warrior, and if I doubted that, there’s this nifty Anxiety Warriors shield my Spawn made to remind me:

Because “I am stronger than myself.”

Because I will not give up and I will not give in. Anxiety does not have the final say.

I do. 

And I’m glad my Spawn reminded me of that. 

– Selena 


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