Dangerous Minds Can Be Beautiful, Too.

Oh, yeah, I’m so here.
Never been too into coloring before this, but I’m officially hooked.

This book is awesome. It’s like a chicken soup for the mind, interspersed with colorable doodles by the author and quotes.
(I normally don’t have the money to spend on new books–insert sad face–nor do I recommend them in my blog, but this was a gift from a friend and I love it!)

Last night my Tardive Dyskenisia was acting up something awful. I moved from bed to the couch so my leg twitches wouldn’t keep my guy awake, but I couldn’t sleep. My breathing felt…tight. I was restless.

Usually when that feeling takes root enough, I start feeling anxious, and last night was no exception…sitting down to color was an act of will, but I hoped it would help head off the panic attack that restless, trapped, anxious feeling sometimes brings on.

Within a half hour, I was engrossed and my annoying twitches were mostly ignorable as I concentrated on coloring and breathing slowly instead of panicky hyperventilating. I never got to sleep–after trying 3 times and starting to get worked up again, I gave up on the thought of it and went back to my coloring. I remembered I had some kids’ glitter paint from the days my grandspawn Keaton was a frequent visitor, and decided to add it as an accent…and voila! Perfection (almost–I did tweak the quote to something I felt was more fitting for me).

It’s totally going on my wall, to remind me that I have a decent tool to help calm myself and that it’s okay to be uniquely broken…or perfectly the same; whichever fits my day.

It may not help head off every attack (what does?) but each tool in my arsenal is one worth a shot. 💓

Be well, friends–or as well as you can. – Selena
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