Heads Up – There’s Still Life in My Rabbit Hole

Phantom stress
Stressed? Me? Why do you ask?

Hi, everyone!

I wanted to give y’all a heads up – I have been really sick this past month and dealing with some family and personal issues, plus I have a disability hearing this week.

Hopefully things will be back to what passes for normal soon and I can spend more time here again.

I appreciate every one of y’all and y’alls patience more than I can express.

Be well, or as well as you can.

– Selena 💜

One thought on “Heads Up – There’s Still Life in My Rabbit Hole

  1. I’m at the end. I have suffered from chronic cluster for 18 years with no rest in between now. I want to cut my head off, docs at the end of treatment. I just wasn’t to die now, the thought of suffering the rest of my days is unbearable. I have isolated I have no one, I’m bipolar and have done well for years but I’m in the rabbit hole and can’t find my way out. My husband is leaving me after 25 years etc…. I’ve always been able to meditate and my self soothing is out the window. I just needed to say this out loud.

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