About Me

Introductions are always the hardest when you write them about yourself–how do you sum up yourself without sounding either pretentious, self-deprecating, or boring?
I’m a mom of four, a grandma of six adorable grandspawns, a daughter, a sister, an animal lover with 14 outside cats (3 are kittens), two inside cats (I know, crazy cat lady, that’s me), two box turtles, and a huge German Shepherd slobber machine. Most of our pets are rescues.
I love rock and alternative music, experimenting with haircolor, I write poetry, I am an artist and blogger, and I advocate for awareness of mental illness, suicide prevention, chronic migraine, chronic illness, and domestic violence victims. I write articles on occasion for The Mighty.

I am also one of the approximately 25% of migraineurs in America who suffer from chronic migraine, defined as 15 or more days of migraine symptoms/pain per month; at best, it’s like taking half a month and throwing it in the trash, and for me the symptomatic days number significantly higher–24/7, 365. The intensity fluctuates, but the symptoms never go away.

I also live with depression and anxiety.

This isn’t the life I planned, but it’s the life I have, and I’m determined to live it. In some ways, I like the person I’ve become better than the one I was before: through this, I’ve found my voice and my desire to help others through my experiences. If I can make even one person feel less alone, than I count it worth sharing.

You can follow my stories on my blog Down The Rabbit Hole and on Facebook at Down The Rabbit Hole: Life With Chronic Daily Migraine and Depression .

I can be reached at troublesmuse@gmail.com